Greenmount Railway station

Really quite unsure of where to put this picture, but I settled for Nearly -Midnight. The station was still there when I first went to Greenmount Primary School. I can remember just being on a train on this line when I was very small. They finished running passenger trains in 1952! The goods traffic continued until 1963 - All the way through my primary years and beyond. This picture certainly shows the station in use. I seem to think the train is coming this way.  That is from Holcombe Brook to Tottington and possibly all the way into Bury. The line looks due north from here. The shadows are from the east. This seems to suggest a fairly early in the morning summery day as the leaves are on the trees. The children are not in school, perhaps its a Saturday!

Greenmount Railway Station

The bridge is still there, at least this half certainly is. The ramp that descends to the station is still there too, it does not quite look the same.

 The building at the top is the school, it has not changed at all - even inside. On my next visit back I will try and photograph from the same place. The station was knocked down quite quickly I think, but the railway lines were left for ages. For us lads it was a challenge to see how far we could walk along the track.  There are more pictures to add very shortly. There was another way off the station from where the two girls were. 

The angle of this picture is almost identical to the one above - only about 60 years on!
Even before this became an "official" path the railway line was used to get from Greenmount to Tottington. The track the other-side of the bridge was not filled in then.

The line went through the bridge and continued to Holcombe Brook. The picture below is really "the end of the line", difficult to know quite when it was taken. I suspect the middle to late 60's

Holcombe Brook terminus - sidings
I think the houses are probably the backs of Longsite road.

I do recall gettting on a train here - an electic one I think with my mother. This is Sunnywood Station. Roughly half way between tottington and Woolfold where we lived, we were probably visiting friends. Mrs Bently I guess she lived very close to the railway. The station is completely buried under modern housing now

Sunnywood Halt
I think this is looking south towards Bury from Tottington. The main road would be to the right of the railway.
There are more photos here as well as more information about the line.
So I wanted to bring it bang up to date so this is how Greenmount railway station looked at the end of March 2014
Looking down the "railway track" I was standing on the bridge that used to be here.

Looking back up the track. This is a very similar shot to the first and second Black and White ones.

A shot of my old school I would be standing on the bridge here.
Unless any more photos turn up. I will probably not be visiting here again - blog wise that is!


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