It seems all focused on Tottington and broadly the Bury/Bolton area. This of course will continue to grow. However my father can trace his history back to Harmston, thence to India, Cornwall and then via London to Tottington. Pix and info to follow. He had a large family too! Then of course is my wife's family, father from what we thought was originally Sussex, but we now know Hampshire! Last but not least my mother-in-Law, part German and part Polish.
Probably time for some sort of Genealogy table!

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Greenmount Primary School

I went here in the late 1950's. The primary school teacher was called Mrs Meadley - forgetful woman, once lost her glasses, searched everywhere but were on her head all the time! She also set fire to the Christmas tree. However she taught me to read, not so much success with sums! I recall one of the pupils dying whilst I was at school. Not at school. I do remember a lot of sadness - a girl I think, must have been about 1956. Most of the kids in the class just moved up, all at the same time. Moved to middle school. I think the teacher was called Miss Platt, I must have been about 8 at the time. I remember being taught joined up writing. At the same time the school started to cook its own dinners. I have a feeling our class room was commandeered as a canteen at this time. And a life long aversion to rice pudding was started. The used to keep us in if we didn't eat our dinner - just one spoonful!!! What use is an extra spoonful of rice pudding. The head was called Mrs Sally Crompton, She always appeared quite frightening and powerful to us small people. She and my grandmother were good friends, played golf together, I stood no chance! I recall being in the Christmas play as one of the Kings. I also recall the annual football match with Hollymount School. I also recall being given some enormous footy boots by my Great Grandfather, He was a good footballer (Frank Lomax) and I picked up my nickname "Cloggie" Which for some reason I never liked. Not as bad as some of the stuff I've been called over the years. However some names. Alan Taylor, I think he had a sister, Alan Read (Alan and Alan -as Sally Crompton used to say - always found it funny) All three of us used to have to sit at the front. Timothy Burrill, Martin Capstick, He cut his leg very badly climbing over the back wall fetching a football. Jane Rowland - knew my Grandmother through music. I do pass the school regularly. I think it is a community centre now. The photos!!!! Thats me in the top photo wearing an extremely natty tartan Waistcoat!! Not surprisingly "Billy no mates" on the back row of the second photo. Added some pictures in the Datastore of the school as it is now.

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