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Friday, 4 March 2011

No! its not Colin Firth

George VI and Queen Elizabeth at Royal College of Science
King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in 1945 visited College to commemorate centenary of Royal College of Science, oldest forerunner to Imperial.

King George said: "You students here assembled - men and women who soon will be going out from the Imperial College to your work in the world - have not only an opportunity but also a responsibility greater than men of science have known before. To you, I say: Regard your knowledge and your skill always in the light of a trust for the benefit of humanity, and thereby ensure, so far as in you lies, that science may never be put to uses which offend the higher conscience of mankind."

This information is copied from the Imperial College Website, but the photograph belongs in our archives! My mother was at the Royal College of Music, but she did attend the centenary. As far as I know this picture is an original. There is no-one in the picture I recognise except the King and Queen. This is a reduced version of a good scan. Please email for a bigger(better) scan.

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  1. Jol, there is a a possibility my father is in this photo - I'm looking at the chap on the extreme right of the photo just below the centre, wearing dark-rimmed glasses. I can't be sure.

    I've just started to publish a series of the songs that he performed that evening at the Albert Hall, after the King and Queen had departed: