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Monday, 19 September 2011

The Punjab and Sind at 1900 approx from a missionary standpoint

This page is made up of scans from a variety of books in my possession. The are dated from approximately 1880 to 1900+. The main source of reference relates to Robert Clark.

I have also included copies of photos in my possession they can be found here.

Feel free to copy and download any of the pictures. Although I believe I own some sort of copywrite I would love to have a link back to these pages.

The clergy at the Consecration of Bishop Lefroy 1899

The key to the photo above. Robert Clark has the long forking beard, centre right.
Lord Lawrence, Sir Herbert Edwardes, Rev H Perkins, General Reynell Taylor, Colonel Martin

Punjab Christian Schools

Map of Punjab and Sind,  Afghan Border

Punjab Missionaries

New Testament Revision Commitee

Missionary Converts

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