Robert Eric Noel Martyn-Clark

I'd thought I'd use this blog to update my family history shenanigins. So I have posted 2 pictures of Graylingwell Hospital, together with its incumbants. The "suit" in the centre is my grandfather Robert Eric Noel Martyn-Clark. He was a doctor, and he served on the front line, towards the end of the war, he must have opted for a life dealing with combat scarred troops. Eric was born on Christmas day and coincidentally died on Christmas day too. His wife Ethel survived him by a few years and my father and his sister were brought up by his Mum's sisters in Cornwall. The final photograph is Robert Eric in service. Does seem a little peculiar that every person on the photo is in a different uniform. It does actually seem that they may even be different nationalities. Robert is on the top row, second from the left. He was always known as Eric in the family.


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