Walshaw Primary School

This is a large file-
It is clear to see the abject state of the building here
Taken on the Playground at the front of the school
My Father's class. It must have been the late 50's or very early 60's. I recall him applying for jobs at his time, he had not long since qualified at Huddersfield College. He was certainly at Huddersfield when we were living at Whitelegg Street, but we were at Brookhouse when he was teaching here. The school is still there and I believe little has changed to the outside since. This area is on a steep right angle bend and I think there is quite a drop at the other side. Walshaw was only 2 to 3 miles away from where we lived. He probably walked to school at this time. I recall my father taking and passing his driving test first time. He bought a black Morris Minor convertible, which had the roof renewed. It used to crack on the supports at any speed. It was not possible to have a conversation in the car. I fail to recall any of the names of his pupils from this time, except one who was called Stewart Leigh. I met him at Stand Grammar School. He ended up in my class. I think the photographs were preceding me by about 10 years. Who are these people?

Must have been summer! The school is now in a field!
My dad's in his shirt...
There is another link to the school here.Have got another picture of his class here. I am not sure that he will have carried the same class through school like I did or he was given a different year group. Probably only likely that he was at the three for three years.


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