Grant's Tower, Ramsbottom

Understandably never saw it, as it collapsed on the 22nd of September 1944. It was constructed in 1828. There is more information on the Grant family at this site. I have personally never seen a photo of the tower apart from this one. This is not to be confused with Peel Tower which was built to repeal the corn laws, I think. There are many references to the Grant family in Ramsbottom, not least the Grant Arms in the centre of "Tup's Arse". Played guitar and sang several times in the top room at the pub. The landlord must have tried to start a folk club up there. Must have been early '70's. Appeared on the same bill as Bob"I'm nearly famous" Williamson. Very amusing chap, and he did make national TV(Wheel Tappers and Shunters club! ) unlike me!

 Grant's Tower has a mention in the Public Monument and Sculpture Association register   However I copy from that site here a reference to Edwin Waugh. He is mentioned in another part of this blog " The tower was built at Top o' the' Hoof above Walmersley Road overlooking Ramsbottom partly in memory of their parents. While convalescing in a room in the tower, Edwin Waugh was said to have written his famous dialect poem "Lie thi' down laddie." It did seem that there was attempt to use lottery money to rebuild it in 1994.
View towards Peel Tower.
The rise on to the right of Peel Tower is Harcle Hill.
Further to the right is Bull Hill.
The river that runs between the 2 sides is called the Irwell

I did think I had the only "real" photo of the tower, but now I believe there are others.

The colour picture is from very close to the ruins of Grant's Tower. The Houses below is the town of Ramsbottom. It is not clear but the Helmshore road snakes along under the tower and curls round Bull Hill. It then splits into two. The lefthand fork goes to Blackburn and the right-hand fork continues up "the Valley" eventually arriving at Colne.


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