Councillor Fred Lomax JP.

Fred Lomax was an elder brother of my Great Grandfather, Frank Lomax. I never recall meeting him. My mother and her mother Jenny(Jane) Dunn (Lomax) spoke fondly of him. In fact the rest of the Lomax clan were always regarded in high esteem. (Genealogy to follow)

However it seems that he may have been the only one who held a high elected office in his local council. My Grandfather Tom Lomax worked for local authorities in his capacity as a borough surveyor. Tom was 22 when Fred Lomax was in the chair and he may have been working for Tottington UDC at the time. He designed the "Catsteps" The steps that lead off the road from Stormer hill to Old Kays and thence on to Turton Road.

However this post is to publish the 1922 yearbook of the Tottington UDC, when Uncle Fred was its chairman.

The book is pocket size about 8 inches by 4 inches, covered in a cloth covered card board a grey colour. Clearly designed to be used in meetings. It is quite well used the wear on it must have been made by the user(Fred). Lovely bit of memorabilia, my grandmother, Jane Lomax treasured it.

However the book. It will be transferred to a PDF for download shortly. Can't fail to notice the family resemblance. My grandfather and great grandfather seemed to share some of the family resemblance. But I never saw either of them sporting a moustache ever.... Unlike his distant descendent.

That's it folks!
This page will be updated shortly... I know its awful to leave it like this... but I am sure it is of interest to quite a few people. I will add captions and more info this week.


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