It seems all focused on Tottington and broadly the Bury/Bolton area. This of course will continue to grow. However my father can trace his history back to Harmston, thence to India, Cornwall and then via London to Tottington. Pix and info to follow. He had a large family too! Then of course is my wife's family, father from what we thought was originally Sussex, but we now know Hampshire! Last but not least my mother-in-Law, part German and part Polish.
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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Walter Ireland Foggo Martyn-Clark at Ardentinny

My Picture of Walter as a young boy:
That is Eric on the right
Walter Ireland Martyn-Clark was the elder son of Henry Martyn-Clark. Also a doctor he recieved his medical degrees from Edinburgh University. He was born in Amritsar. He travelled extensively. He became the incumbent doctor at the Mount at Ardentinny in Scotland. I will revise this page when I get time with dates and places.These are the pictures from Ardentinny.

Here is a picture taken of the two brothers in India. Walter is the elder and Eric is to the right.

The reverse of the photo, clearly
shows an Indian adress
Walter was born in Amritsar on the 15th of November 1882. He obtained his degree from Edinburgh Medical school 20th October 1906. Married Mary A Kendall on the 9th of March 1911 on the George the IV in Edinburgh. I know he served out in Africa during the war - He was there at his fathers death. His mother died at Ardentinny.

He died in Luton in 1943, no idea why he was there at all.

As shown on the Photos below he had a daughter Daphne Martyn-Clark - I believe she married a Terence Hicks and lived in Roehampton

They are from a small booklet I have.

Steamer at Ardentinny

Not sure of the view or the location, Perhaps its looking back at the Mount.

Daphne and my Father
Daphne was the only child of Walter and Aunt Nell.

I called this mystery woman, but
as I look at it it seems that it is probably Aunt Nell

Daphne and my father are between the two girls.
I have no idea who they may be - possibly local. There were no close family members of this age.

This throws the above comment into confusion. Daphne was older than my father.
Yet they seem like family members, Why else would they be on the photo - seem like sisters?

Walter and his wife

A family gathering.
Daphne in the middle at front - my father far left.
How old would he be 10 to 12 I guess - make the photo about 1935ish.

A copy of the probate confirming Mary as his widow.
Oddly it mentions Llandudno?
The writing is my mothers. More research needed. Walter Martyn-Clark would be my Great Uncle. Andrew seemed very fond of Daphne - but he never made any attempt to contact her in later years.

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