It seems all focused on Tottington and broadly the Bury/Bolton area. This of course will continue to grow. However my father can trace his history back to Harmston, thence to India, Cornwall and then via London to Tottington. Pix and info to follow. He had a large family too! Then of course is my wife's family, father from what we thought was originally Sussex, but we now know Hampshire! Last but not least my mother-in-Law, part German and part Polish.
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Sunday, 14 March 2010


Facing towards Bolton
Facing towards Tottington
The Lomax part of my family were brought up in Affetside. They were sheep farmers and hand loom weavers. One of them died of sunstroke I believe. It boast a Pub- The Pack Horse,  and a church which is attached to the local very small school. I believe there was a campaign to save the school which was successful. Many of my Lomax relatives are buried in the local churchyard. It has indeed been really useful in  "unpicking" some of the relationships that were heresay or had got jumbled in my near relatives heads. This cross is sited on Watling Street., a Roman Road. Yes it is straight! As a small boy it was a fearsome ride to the summit on the bike - up the steep side! and an awesome ride down the other side. The view is looking towards Tottington from the village Centre.

The top photograph was taken in March 2010. Obviously the picture is facing towards Bolton. From first appearances little has changed in 100 years outwardly. I stored some more pictures to show which I also took on the same day.

The entrance to Affetside.
This is on the right-hand side of the road
as you head up the hill towards Bolton

This view is taken in the early morning heading from Tottington towards Affetside. This is all uphill. The path joins Watling street just about 400 yards before the cross

The Cross looking towards the Jumbles
An early January morning. This picture is taken
from the middle of the road the houses are to
my back. The path continues down hill towards Bolton

 Visited Affetside frequently with my mother there were many paths across the fields from Greenmount and Tottington. At one time the horse that featured in the "Black Horse" adverts was stabled nearby. I bought my first motorbike from a chap who lived in the farms just below the top of Affetside. The cross is one of the Markers in the 2 Crosses challenge event usually held in January of each year. Organised by the East Lancs LDWA. It starts from Tottington Community Centre. The second cross on the route aboute 15 miles further on is the Pilgrims' Cross on Holcombe Moor. Pictures and information can be found here.

The inscription which is close to the cross.

 This is the inscription:
"Affetside Cross marks the route of the Roman road from Manchester to Ribchester now known as Watling Street. The stone shaft has a socket cut into the top which originally supported a cross head or stone ball. The structure would have served as a market cross for Affetside and surrounding hamlets and possibly as a place for preaching and public proclamations. This form of standing cross would have been relatively common in medieval settlements. However they were largely swept away in the reformation during the mid 16th and 17th Centuries making Affetside cross a relatively rare survival.

Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act 1979

Affetside Cross is designated as a Scheduled Ancient Monument under the provisions of the Above act (National Monument No 25721) It is an offence to carry out any unauthourised works to the monument, or damage in any manner. All queiries with regard to this Act should be directed to Bury Metropolitan Borough Council

A Mark 2 Pillbox. This is situated between Turton and the A666
Couldn't resist adding it! But it's on the 2 Crosses route!

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