It seems all focused on Tottington and broadly the Bury/Bolton area. This of course will continue to grow. However my father can trace his history back to Harmston, thence to India, Cornwall and then via London to Tottington. Pix and info to follow. He had a large family too! Then of course is my wife's family, father from what we thought was originally Sussex, but we now know Hampshire! Last but not least my mother-in-Law, part German and part Polish.
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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

The Wesleyen School Tottington

The Building of the Wesleyan School

The reverse of the card

 "Dear children, 
Just to let you know that Bessie has got her baby, will you come and wash for me again if you cannot let me know

Construction of the Old Wesleyan School. This was the school that my Aunt Irene and Grandpa Tom Lomax  attended. The school is very closely connected with the church. There is a link here to my other blog with the war graves here. There is a picture of her later down the blog.

As you can see the Reverse of the postcard has been annotated by mother with the  date 1905. My guess that she is right. Who the postcard refers to is difficult to work out, but I am sure that it relates to family members. The address is clear 135 Holcombe road is Brookhouse, Clearly pictured further down the blog. I will add another picture of Brookhouse and add it next to the other picture.

This mug I found on Ebay. This is the web Address of the seller Coast to Coast Antiques 

This is the description:

"This rare Staffordshire mug is decorated with a red design of the Wesleyan School Tottington, as it was when it served as an active school house. It dates from the mid. 19th Century and measures approximately 3 + 1/8 inches high and 3 + 3/8 inches in overall diameter. It is in excellent condition with the exception of some staining and crazing, as can be seen in the photos."

  This mug is for sale here as well as many other interesting articles. I wish I could afford it.

The picture on the mug

Detailed close up of the picture
I have discovered on Ebay a mug relating to the school. I suggest that they may have been given to the school at some festival or centenary. I certainly have never heard them mentioned in the family but how on earth this mug found it's way to New Jersey remains a mystery. The pictures are below. The seller has kindly allowed me to publish the pictures. My guess is he retains he copywrite.

When you have a look - it is amazing how different the original school is from the mug! Its almost the same direction too.

Obviously got to go back and check!

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